Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 13.45.43 At the start of the year, everyone wants to save money but can you really save that much? Well the good news is, it’s possible to save a LOT of money by taking some very simple steps. They say a penny saved is a penny earned, so if you’re looking for an easy way to get an extra ‘raise’ this year why not follow our top tips……

1. A change to energy-saving light bulbs could save up to £65 per year

2. A TV on standby is using almost 70 per cent of the power it uses when switched on. Switch the TV off at the plug and save up to £30 per year

3. Mobile phone chargers use energy when they are plugged in even if the plug switch is off – unplug mobile chargers and save up to £20 a year

4. Draft excluders can keep rooms up to seven per cent warmer. Which could be worth £25 a year

5. Turn the heating down. Just one degree less on the thermostat could reduce bills by 10 per cent. Worth around £40 a year

6. Close the curtains at dusk – this keeps more of the heat in

7. Don’t block radiators. Keep at least a 6 inch gap between furniture and radiators to ensure proper convection

8. Turn down your water thermostat. Most homes in the UK have the temperature on their hot-water tanks set to ‘high’. A simple 1-5 per cent reduction in temperature could mean many pounds saved

9. Use half-load settings on dishwashers and washing machines to minimise waste of both water and electricity

10. Washing at 30 degrees can use three times less energy than the hotter cycles. This could save you up to £35 per year.

These simple 10 tips could save you more than £215 per year!

vicky-hughesYou can also save an average £850 per household on your utility bills – and there’s even a really easy way to get your home phone & unlimited broadband completely free every month!! To find out how and to calculate your savings, simply click on this link: or call Vicky on 01902 213567 / 07788 421256 for more free advice or a free money saving consultation.