A proposed battery storage facility was the main topic discussed at last nights full Wombourne Parish Council meeting.

Three representatives (a PR company, a ‘town planner’ and a company member) of Pathfinder Clean Energy (PACE) gave a presentation detail the proposed battery storage site for which they want to apply for planning permission.

The site of the proposed facility will be on the fields adjacent to the Bridgnorth Road traffic lights.

Residents attending the meeting were given the opportunity by Chairman, Cllr Mark Evans, an unusual step given that once public participation at the beginning of the meeting is closed, the public cannot usual participate further.

Those present asked questions regarding noise, fire hazards, environmental impacts, the impact of the site on house prices, who would be responsible for the clean-up of the site and what would the affect of construction traffic be?

Most questions were unable to be answered but the representatives of PACE did explain the construction process would take around 25-weeks. They further explained that the fire issue was unknown and that consultations were taking place. When asked about the proximity to woodland and the further fire risk there by Cllr Ian Sadler, the same answer was given that the concern was still to be addressed.

Cllr Dan Kinsey raised the issue of noise from the site. It was explained by PACE that, “noise levels will not be above ambient noise”, but no actual levels could be given. Only one of the participants had previously visited South Staffordshire, although they had been to the site that day.

A further consultation is to take place between 2pm and 7pm on Wednesday 27th March 2024 in the Council Chambers (the building adjoins the Civic Centre), where PACE representatives will be present to answer questions. Everyone is welcome to attend.

No planning application has yet been submitted.

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