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5 Ways to Get Fitter & Slimmer in Wombourne this New Year

5 Ways to Get Fitter & Slimmer in Wombourne this New Year

You know the signs. You’re full. You’re eating simply because those chocolate biscuits are there. You can’t sleep. Indigestion is crippling you.

The time has come. You need to detox, slim down and get fit in 2019.

When to start?

Yes, we’ve still New Year’s Eve to go. Okay, so New Year’s Day too, and oh, the end of next week doesn’t count does it because the kids aren’t back at school until 7th January?

But whether the time for you is now, or after New Year, here’s our guide to achieving a slimmer, fitter you in Wombourne this year.

What to do

1. Get walking
Walking is so simple, it’s free and is one of the best ways to get some exercise and blow away those cobwebs.

The NHS state that A brisk 10-minute daily walk has lots of health benefits and counts towards your recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise.

We’re so lucky in the village that there are so many paths to walk. There’s the Railway Walk, a stroll along the canal or why not walk the complete circuit of the village from Poolhouse to Battlefield Lane?

Wombourne Parish Council have collated some excellent guides on their web site for you to download.

Whether you are just increasing the amount of exercise you do or clear your mind of day-to-day concerns, walking is for you.

2. Get to the gym

Okay, so it’s not everyone’s idea of fun.

However, take a water bottle, towel and your headphones and it’s easy to do an hours exercise whilst listening to music, an audiobook or your favourite radio station. Of course, you may prefer nothing at all and just get yourself lost in the gym workout.

We’ve plenty of gyms in the Village and there is no harm investigating which one suits you best.

There’s the gym at Wombourne Leisure Centre which is at Ounsdale School.

Or why not try Evolution Leisure ? They are located in the building above where Wombourne Ford used to be on the Bridgnorth Road.

Then there is Active Fitness located on the Smestow Estate (on the sharp bend on the Bridgnorth Road).

But these fitness centres aren’t just about gyms, they offer guided fitness classes too.

3. Join the club and get slimming

There are times when you just have to lose weight. Being in an environment of support (and the gentle pressure of a weekly weigh-in) can be perfect for ensuring those pounds fall off.

Once again Wombourne is well served with slimming clubs, it’s a case of having a look around and choosing one which is the best fit (pun intended!) for you.

Slimming World is very active in the village. There are several meetings held on Tuesday and Wednesdays in mornings, afternoons and evening; so there should be one for you. Claire is the Consultant and her number is on the website link. Give her a call and she will talk you through the plan.

Formerly Weight Watchers , there is a WW Studio in Wombourne each week. Take a look at the web link for meetings locations and times.

You could lose weight the Cambridge Weight Plan way too. Meetings are held in the village and you can contact their consultant using the web link.

4. Lose weight for FREE!

Of course, it doesn’t need to cost money to lose weight. Just as with walking, the NHS has an excellent Live Well section on it’s website . This contains a wealth of information about planning to lose weight, eating healthily and exercise.

The Health Unlocked website and forums are an underused NHS resource for losing weight and finding the guidance and stimulation from others on the same journey. It is well worth taking a look.

5. Be happy with you!

And finally, the main aim in life is to be happy.

Fad diets come and go; newspapers report the latest miracle slimming pill, but above all, you have to be content with who you are. Life will have it’s ups and downs but sometimes all it needs is for us to get out, take a breath of fresh air and appreciate how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of England. Whatever we may weigh!!!



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