Dogs banned from Himley park

Dogs banned from Himley park

According to a recent story in the Express & Star, “Dogs will be banned from using parts of Himley Hall by council bosses who want to cater more for picnicking families.”


Dogs have been more than welcome at Himley for many years. The ‘dog free zones’ will see canines prevented from using open spaces stretching between the Main Gate and West Gate.

Petitions have been launched by furious dog owners who disagree with the proposed decisions.

There’s been a mixture of comments already on facebook. Some think it’s ridiculous, some think it’s justified. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s the full story on the Express & Star

9 Responses to Dogs banned from Himley park

  1. I have a dog and walk over there but I do agree there are irresponsible owner who don’t care about cleaning up or controlling their dogs. I am more than happy to walk in the woods and leave the green area by the lake for families

    • For people to walk around in a clean and safe place. Blame the careless dog owners, who don’t clean up or control their dogs while off leads. The times I’ve nearly injured myself from unattended dogs dodging about when I’m running and their owners are off chatting to someone without a care to where their priesous 4 legged family member is !

  2. It’s a park, family’s,friends, couples and children, my family,children and friends go there we take our dogs there. What’s wrong with these people trying to ban dog walkers, it’s a shambles. This is a family attraction and that’s what family’s do spend time together enjoy each other company, our dogs are part of our family!!

  3. Perhaps rather than blaming the Council, those dog owners who are unhappy should take this up with those irresponsible dog owners who spoil things for everyone. It’s appalling that the Council are forced to consider such measures simply to make the park usable by all.

  4. I totally agree with the above comment the park is meant for everyone. I/ we walk our dog there 3/4 times a week its his favourite place. You cant always walk through the woods when the weather is so wet and some women who walk their dogs on their own might feel vulnerable. Im sorry but get the culprets who dont pick up after their dog and dont penalize people who do. I wont be taking my dog if this is banned and im sure there is a lot of other people who feel the same.

  5. Himley is large enough to cater for dog walkers and picnicking families unfortunately the minororty of irresponsible dog owners spoil it for the rest of us who clean up after our pets so let’s have walking areas and picnic spots there is room for both

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