How to find the best driving instructor for you in Wombourne

How to find the best driving instructor for you in Wombourne

Learning to drive ranks as one of the most important milestones in a teenager’s life.

In fact, the stats show that 17 year olds have the best first time pass rates. Maybe part of that is due to the increased desire to get behind the wheel. Or it could be a necessity of work.

Do you need a driving instructor?

The short answer here is, yes. Of course it’s possible for someone who’s not a qualified instructor to teach you to drive, but it’s unlikely they’ll be up to date with all the latest information on driving technique. You may also end up learning a load of their bad habits.

If you want the best chance of passing the first time, you should consider paying for lessons by engaging with a qualified driving instructor.

So what’s the best way to find a driving instructor?

For many, it’s a simple question of asking someone who’s already passed.

It’s likely that a 17-year-old has already got a lot of friends who are having lessons or even passed already. You could ask them for their advice on how they’re getting on, you might even find you get cheaper lessons for being referred.

One thing you shouldn’t take much heed of is how many lessons your friend had before they passed their test.
According to DVLA statistics, it takes on average 19 lessons to pass a test, but this figure doesn’t take into account some very important factors.

For example, it’s now possible to learn to drive way before you’re 17. Some courses start from the age of 10, meaning when someone reaches the age of 17, they might only need a few lessons to familiarise themselves with the open road.

Also, the speed at which we learn can be vastly different.

Can the Internet help?

One problem with asking friends is that you’re maybe not getting the full picture. There’s many instructors instructors to choose from in Wombourne.

Luckily, the new Instructor Hunter website, make it far easier as they aggregate reviews from many people, not just your friends, and displays them in a format where you can quickly find the one that is ideal for you.

Instructor Hunter has been setup by local entrepreneurs and is making it easier for people to decide which instructors to engage with.

Finding an instructor near you is likely to become much easier in the future as the Internet makes it simple for people to swap information, ideas, and advice better than ever before.

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