I am always on the lookout for great home ideas. I found this on Pinterest and just LOVE it!

Great to make as an adult craft activity for your home or equally fun to do with children, these super easy yarn eggs are very effective and incredibly easy to make.

  1. First you need a pack of small balloons, some brightly coloured yarns and some PVA glue
  2. Put a decent amount of glue in a bowl, enough to fully cover around 5 m of coloured yarn. These can be cut into 1m strips.
  3. Blow up your balloon to the desired size for your egg. Bear in mind, the larger the egg the more yarn will be needed.
  4. Next, cover your balloon in the yarn wrapping it around to make a basket weave type structure. The colours can be kept separate or mixed and the amount of yarn you add is totally up to you.
  5. Then you need to leave the glue to fully dry. This can take up to 2 days so be patient!.
  6. Finally, pop your balloon to reveal the finished yarn structure. These can be placed decoratively in a bowl or hung on string to make ingenious alternative to bunting.