If you driven more than a few yards in Wombourne recently, you’ll have spotted potholes everywhere.

There’s “probably” some legitimate reasons for this, the weather, more heavy cars etc… but we want them fixed as soon as they can be.

Here’s some of the comments we had on the Wombourne Facebook page:

“Last night my brother was horrified has is car went down that deep pot hole going passed the civic centre and turning into common road. I know lots of people have complained but nothing gets done.”

“the best they do is paint a ring round it or fill it in with tarmac that lasts a few weeks, they are a complete joke – and don’t mind what we say or do!”

Fixing Pot Holes

The main way at the moment is to click on this link and report the ones you find.

You can also report them here. But we aren’t sure how effective this site is.

How much does it cost?

With 2.2 million potholes being repaired across 12 months at a total cost of nearly £120 million, potholes are a big issue on our roads.

Many are caused by general road repairs aren’t being done to a high enough standard.

Appalling Road Conditions

Even Gavin Williamson has called for action in the past:

“It is appalling that Wombourne residents have been forced to use roads that are in such poor condition. The importance of maintaining our road network cannot be overstated especially for the safety of motorists that use it. This is particularly the case in many rural areas, such as South Staffordshire, where so many people rely heavily on cars or buses to travel to work and shops. I myself have witness the appalling condition of this road and I urge the County Highways to undertake urgent action to repair the roads. “

Have you registered a pot hole online? Comment below and tell us if it’s still there…