The Winter is fast approaching and it’s important you make sure that your boiler is working well so you have a warm, safe home.

The team at Midland Energy Solutions are offering a FREE boiler service to residents over the age of 55 living in the WV and DY post code area.

In order to make sure you in on this offer quickly, you need to call them on 01902 488770.

Offer starts Monday 23rd November 2015 for one week.

Tips to keep your home warm and safe

Here’s some useful advice as well from the Midland Energy Solution team.

1) Your Boiler During the winter months your gas boiler is placed under extra pressure, so it’s no surprise that during the winter period your boiler is at higher risk of breakdown or total failure, to reduce this risk our advise is to ensure you get your boiler checked and serviced before the cold weather sets in and always make sure your engineer is Gas Safe Registered 

2) Carbon Monoxide Carbon monoxide is the silent killer, carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas and can be produced by gas burning appliances if  they are burning incorrectly, the toxic gas has no smell, no taste and is absorbed into the blood stream 250 times faster than oxygen, for these reasons it is a good idea to get a carbon monoxide detector installed and they can be purchased for less than £20, if you already have one installed make sure it is tested regularly.

3) System Efficiency Did you know? According to the energy saving trust having a room thermostat installed could save you up to £70 per year and by turning it down by just 1 degree could save u up to £50 per year.