May 2021 is Mental Health month, and as we ease out of lockdown we would like to remind you that Jet Singh Trust have put together a fund to help school aged children suffering with their mental health.  

Around 1 in 8 children and young people experience behavioural or emotional problems growing up. For some, these will resolve with time, while others will need professional support. 

It can be difficult to know if there is something upsetting a child or young person, but there are ways to spot when something’s wrong. Look out for:

  • Significant changes in behaviour
  • Ongoing difficulty sleeping
  • Withdrawing from social situations
  • Not wanting to do things they usually like
  • Self-harm or neglecting themselves

Remember, everyone feels low, angry or anxious at times. But when these changes last for a long time or are significantly affecting them, it might be time to get professional help.

You know your child better than anyone so, if you’re worried, first think if there has been a significant, lasting change in their behaviour.

This could be at home, school or college; with others or on their own; or in relation to specific events or changes in their life.

For more information about FREE counselling please get in touch by email on

Upon your initial email please detail why you believe your child needs counselling, include life events, ie bereavement, accident breakdown of family ties. The avenues you have already explored to receive help and the obstacles you have faced.

Our counsellor will then asses your application, if successful Jet Singh Trust will fund a course of counselling. A course consists of 6 online counselling sessions.