Gavin furious that Velo Birmingham Cycle Race is taking place in South Staffordshire

Gavin furious that Velo Birmingham Cycle Race is taking place in South Staffordshire

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, is concerned about the huge disruption that will be caused by road closures.

The Velo Cycle Race is due to commence on the 24th September and will force roads to be closed in several areas including Wombourne, Swindon, Stourton, Enville, Six Ashes and Kinver. This will have a highly negative effect on local businesses as they will effectively be forced to close, resulting in financial losses. Alongside this, local residents will have great difficulty commuting and will have to significantly alter their daily schedules.

Commenting on the race, Gavin said:

“I am completely opposed to the Velo Birmingham Cycle Race travelling through South Staffordshire on the 24th September. I do not want this race in the constituency and I am furious that Staffordshire County Council has not had a local consultation on this.

The road closures will affect a great number of local businesses who will effectively be forced to close for the day. Alongside this, local residents will be massively inconvenienced and will have to significantly alter their daily routine. I have challenged the leader of Staffordshire County Council about this as, again, I am deeply unhappy that local residents were not consulted. I have also raised this issue with the Minister for Local Government, urging him to put pressure on the County Council to review this.”

For more details on which roads in Wombourne will be affected:

Access for Poolhouse during the Bike Ride

Velo bike ride coming through Wombourne

10 Responses to Gavin furious that Velo Birmingham Cycle Race is taking place in South Staffordshire

  1. well somebody ok this ,residents in the areas concerned im sure hadn’t any input into it,No thought for people who have to have carers or a docter ,district nurse,needs addressing

  2. I work in a hospital and have a shift on the Sunday morning in question.
    Velco have told me to park in Windmill bank or Giggety Lane the night before and then I can walk to my car the next morning as it’s a danger to the bikers to allow me access on the roads that are closed.

  3. Its the old story. Somebody with money wants something done, we are expected to roll over and accept it.

    Well done to Gavin for supporting his constituency and also to those Parish Councils prepared to oppose it.

    The event could still take place if the people involved feel that strongly, there are plenty of alternative routes around Birmingham where the roads are wider and could accommodate the vast number of cyclists without fully closing roads and cutting off communities.

  4. It’s a huge inconvenience. Obviously it’s politically incorrect to dare to criticise cyclists, but it will cause chaos in the whole area. It’s badly communicated and planned.

  5. What a bunch of whining crybabies the previous commenters are. The race is taking place on a Sunday. How much of a “major disturbance to our lives” is it likely to be? Will it truly cause “chaos in the whole area”?

    Perhaps some of them would like to exchange places with some of the residents of flood-stricken Houston, just to get a flavour of what a major disturbance to one’s life is really like.

    So you might have to park your car somewhere else for one day, and walk to it so you can get to work? Perhaps Gavin can arrange for you to receive a medal.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all on Sunday the 24th.

  6. Here is the response I received from South Staffordshire Council in respect of my complaint. I live on Ounsdale Road and did not receive a leaflet through my door or a visit as they suggest or alternative suggestions for where to park my car. It will be mayhem in Wombourne on Sunday!

    I am sorry you have not been made aware of the event in advance. A leaflet drop was conducted by Royal Mail and was sent to 250,000 residents and business on the route (it appears some residents have mistaken the flyers for junk mail, which explains non receipt), this was followed by physical visits. The County Council further collaborated with organisers around press and digital media publications, Parish Council briefings, in addition advance warning signs have been displayed across the route two weeks in advance of the event. However it is disappointing to hear that some residents remain uninformed.

    Organisers have also communicated NHS England, specifically the Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response team, who have contacted all NHS providers and key private providers along the route and the wider area, to allow them to plan appropriate provision during the morning of 24th September, again I apologise you have not been made aware via this avenue.

    The route will remain open to pedestrians and disability scooters, so please reassure you’re neighbour she will be able to leave her home.

    We accept that event of this nature will cause inconvenience for some residents and apologises for this. We believe that the event will have positive impact both economically and socially. Comparable cycling events elsewhere in the country, such as Ride London generate a collective annual economic impact for the host counties on the route of £16.12 million, whilst Velothon Wales generates £2.77 million. A full economic impact study will be completed for Velo Birmingham. There will of course also be the opportunity for millions of pounds to be raised for charity and a great platform from which to inspire young people to be physically active.

  7. What I find particularly irritating about this event is the fact we have lived with pot holes, overgrown road sides and dirty ditches throughout the year and the last few days council money has been found to prepare for this event.
    I’ve emailed the council twice recently and had no reply.
    They don’t seem to care about residents at all.
    We must never let this happen again.
    Shame on you Staffordshire CC!!!!

  8. Well its a pity he did not do more to prevent it but was proberly outvoted by all morons surrporting it. I agree with you gavin same thing whenever sport takes place no consideration for otbers.

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