Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, is concerned about the huge disruption that will be caused by road closures.

The Velo Cycle Race is due to commence on the 24th September and will force roads to be closed in several areas including Wombourne, Swindon, Stourton, Enville, Six Ashes and Kinver. This will have a highly negative effect on local businesses as they will effectively be forced to close, resulting in financial losses. Alongside this, local residents will have great difficulty commuting and will have to significantly alter their daily schedules.

Commenting on the race, Gavin said:

“I am completely opposed to the Velo Birmingham Cycle Race travelling through South Staffordshire on the 24th September. I do not want this race in the constituency and I am furious that Staffordshire County Council has not had a local consultation on this.

The road closures will affect a great number of local businesses who will effectively be forced to close for the day. Alongside this, local residents will be massively inconvenienced and will have to significantly alter their daily routine. I have challenged the leader of Staffordshire County Council about this as, again, I am deeply unhappy that local residents were not consulted. I have also raised this issue with the Minister for Local Government, urging him to put pressure on the County Council to review this.”

For more details on which roads in Wombourne will be affected:

Access for Poolhouse during the Bike Ride

Velo bike ride coming through Wombourne

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