Had enough of the cold miserable weather?  Well here at Your Cleaner Solution we want to give you some Top Tips to bring home back to life!!

Here are some tips to help you spring clean your home and shrug off those winter blues!!

Organise your home –

•Recruit your children to help, make it fun!
•Invest in a toy chest and encourage them to tidy away each night.
•Make up a cleaning kit, but keep it somewhere safe.
•Bin all old papers and magazines, and junk mail.

Beautiful Bathrooms –

•Use an old toothbrush on those hard to reach areas.
•Mix vinegar and hot water to remove lime scale, especially useful on shower heads and taps!
•For sparkling wall tiles, mix half a cup of baking powder to 2 gallons of water and rub away for glorious results!

Classy Kitchen –

This is the heart of your home!!
learn to love your oven!!
• Line the bottom with a non-stick oven liner (Aldi £1.99) this can just be wiped clean and re-used.

Wonderful Windows –

•Use a rubber edged squeegee. Fill a bucket of warm soapy water, add a couple of spoonful’s of white vinegar rub all dirt away then draw squeegee down, top to bottom, overlapping strokes, wipe the rubber strip after each stroke!

One last top tip – place a fabric softener sheet in drawers, laundry baskets, or rubbish, bins to create a lovely fresh smell in your home!
Turn up the radio, get your marigolds out and give your house the love it deserves!

If you haven’t got the time, then give us a call here at YCS!! we have dedicated reliable honest cleaners that will do it all for you.
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