red thread lawn wombourne

Due to the large amounts of rainfall and increased humidity, we are seeing a record amount of lawns with Red Thread.

How to tell if you have Red Thread 

Red Thread is a very common fungal disease in lawns. If you have Red Thread you may start noticing patches of brownish decaying grass. Upon close inspection, very fine needles can be identified protruding from blades of grass. In very bad cases you may be able to see small particles of pink mycelium, which look almost like small particles of cotton wool.

Where has it come from?

Red Thread is a symptom of stress or high humidity. It is most common during summer months when humidity is very high. However if we experience a mild autumn it can continue throughout the winter.

How can GreenThumb help?

We advise customers to receive their regular fertiliser treatment. However,  if the problem persists due to humid conditions we have a fungicide treatment that can help treat the disease.

What to expect following an application of fungicide

The lawn should overcome the disease within 2 weeks of receiving the fungicide treatment, but if the humid weather continues Red Thread can reoccur. Also ensure that your mower has sharp blades as blunt blades can encourage Red Thread.

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