Why wait until January to get yourself in gear and get fit? You can get fit right now at Active 4 Less with their new Insanity Class.

A revolutionary cardio-based total-body conditioning program based on the principles of MAX Interval Training. MAX Interval Training allows a person to beat the stress adaptation response, which normally happens when your body gets used to exercising at one level of exertion. The result of this is halting your progress on your fitness improvement journey.


By using MAX Interval Training, INSANITY pushes the participant to new training heights, resulting in more calories burned, faster results, and a more efficient metabolism. INSANITY’s interval training is the pinnacle of cardio training!

You can visit now and get a free trial or contact 01902 893900  for more details.

Email wombourne@active4less.com

Located at Unit E Smestow bridge industrial estate WV5 8AY