Keep Our Green Belt!

Many people in Wombourne received a letter this week about further building in Wombourne. Here’s what it said:


Say NO to a housing estate at the rear of Strathmore Crescent.

South Staffordshire Council has been told by central government that they have to build 256 more houses in Wombourne. To this end, the Council has put together their Strategic Housing and Land Availability (SHLAA) document which details the sites in Wombourne which they believe may be suitable for building houses on. Many of these sites are on Green Belt land. The Council is also undertaking a partial Green Belt Review which will decide if sites are to have their Green Belt status removed.

One of these sites is the field behind the houses on Strathmore Crescent. They are proposing up to 33 houses could be built here. This would:

1. Spoil the view of many residents of Strathmore Crescent and Orton Lane and even Showell Lane and Springfield Lane.

2. Significantly lower house prices.

3. Substantially increase traffic on Orton Lane which is already an accident hotspot.

The Council is commencing their consultations on these proposals at the end of February so it is vitally important that we act NOW to ensure they know the strength of feeling against these plans.

Please contact the council TODAY – email localplans@sstaffs.gov.uk or write to: The Local Plans Team, Planning and Strategic Services, South Staffordshire Council, Council Offices, Wolverhampton Road, Codsall WV8 1PX. Alternatively you can telephone the Local Plans Team on 01902 696317 or 01902 696423.

Let us know what you think on the comments below as well.







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3 Responses to Keep Our Green Belt!

  1. Is there any way you would be able to create an online e-petition on Facebook for those who oppose any more building in Wombourne as you already have access to numerous people who live in the area.

    Also, please keep us posted on any updates.

    My family and i have been opposing plans for about 10 years to stop flats being built by the Waggon and Horses, so i’m happy to support others who want to keep green areas in Wombourne.

    Is there an application number to use when contacting the Council?

  2. wombourne is far to big as it is, we need more amenities for the houses already here. what is there for the kids to do NOTHING! NO MORE HOUSES PLEASE.

  3. I’m all for keeping the village green and understand your point of view. However, I fully support the plans for new build developments in Wombourne as long as they target the right market. My fiancé and I (both 25) have lived in Wombourne all of our lives but are now at a point where we may have to move out of the village we love because we can’t afford to buy here. In order for us to buy a house here to start a family in, we need to raise a minimum of a 10% deposit for a £130/140,000 house – not easy to do in this current climate! Although we are getting married in August, in order to raise the funds to buy we have had to move back in with our parents and a lot of people our age are in the same situation. A new build scheme may offer the government incentive of 95% mortgages and allow us to stay in our home and raise a family here. But please no more 4, 5 and 6 bedroom builds – we have enough already and are not all millionaires!!! 🙂 If we keep pushing out the younger generation, sooner or later it’s inevitable that the village will die out.

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