Susan Griffiths of Hazel Grove, Wombourne performed CPR on a gentleman who collapsed, hit his head, and stopped breathing in Windmill Bank yesterday – Tuesday 3rd November.

When paramedics arrived they told her her actions had saved the man’s life although he is still very poorly. Susan works, voluntarily for Rainbow Dog Rescue in Windmill Bank who continually work hard to find loving homes for abandoned dogs.

This situation brings to light how quickly circumstances can change and how lives can be lost. A local lady with the bravery to try to help and just using basic first aid made all the difference yesterday.

Our thoughts are with the anonymous gentleman and his family.

Some of the comments from Facebook:

“This lady should be commended for her actions how fantastic is she …. Perhaps the parish council could recognise her actions on behalf of all the Villagers in Wombourne” – Amanda

“Well done to Susan there are still genuine kind hearted people about hope the gent pulls through” – Andy

“Fantastic Sue Griffiths, well done to you and wishing the gentleman concerned a speedy recovery. hope all is well and our thoughts and best wishes to you and your worried family.” – Taylor’s Greengrocers