New Allocated Housing Sites in Wombourne

New Allocated Housing Sites in Wombourne

We have received update from South Staffs Council on the new housing situation:

Wombourne is one of 9 main villages in South Staffordshire where housing sites have been allocated in the SAD (Site Allocations Document).  After full Examination the Independent Planning Inspector has given the Council the go-ahead to put the SAD in place.  We will now ask Members to adopt the SAD at a meeting of Council on Tuesday 19 June 2018.  Once the SAD is adopted, there will be a 6-week period where a legal challenge can be lodged.

In Wombourne, we have allocated 3 housing sites. These are:

  • Land off Beggars Bush Lane for a minimum of 80 dwellings (site 302)
  • Land off Bridgnorth Road for a minimum of 80 dwellings (site 283)
  • Land off Ounsdale Road for a minimum of 19 dwellings (site 281a)

You can see maps of all the sites in the SAD, here https://www.sstaffs.gov.uk/doc/177199/name/App1%20SAD%20Publication%20Plan%20with%20new%20Main%20Mods.pdf/ (pages 127 – 137).

Click on the image for a larger view.

I am in the process of finalising a copy of the SAD which will incorporate all the proposed changes currently shown in red, and the pages numbers might change slightly once this has been done.  I’m happy to email you a link to this revised SAD once it’s been put on the website.

In addition to the allocated housing sites, we have also had to take land out of the Green Belt across the District for longer term housing development, which will be looked at again when we review our Local Plan.  This land is known as safeguarded land. There are two areas of safeguarded land in Wombourne, one off Orton Lane (site 416) and the other off Pool House Road (sites 415/459/289).

There are also two Gypsy & Traveller pitches (site GT18) in the SAD for Wombourne.  These are within the existing site boundary of the site currently off Pool House Road.  You can see the plan for this on page 140 using the link above.

Once the SAD has been formally adopted, planning applications will need to be submitted in the normal way for the housing sites at Beggars Bush Lane, Bridgnorth Road and Ounsdale Road.  These applications will show greater detail including layout, access, house types and tenures and areas of open space.  Local residents will have the chance to make comments on the applications once they have been submitted.

If you want to see what the Inspector said about the sites in Wombourne you can see this in his Report on pages 35-36 here: https://www.sstaffs.gov.uk/doc/179488/name/SAD%20Inspector%27s%20Report%208%20May%202018.pdf/.  The Report also goes into more detail about other matters such as public consultation, Green Belt appraisal, how we selected sites etc.


Any questions you may have, post them below.

10 Responses to New Allocated Housing Sites in Wombourne

  1. Pleas leave this land on pool house in green belt
    I live opposit the fields where we have a lot of wildlife, also local farmers have cows and sheep grazing
    Having this still as green belt makes Wombourne feel like a country villages.

  2. Why are you looking at building more houses in our Village and especially on Green Belt Land.The Village is congested enough with vehicles and especially with commuters to Wolverhampton taking up parking spaces in the village and then catching the bus into Wolverhampton and on top of this you are proposing to bring even more traffic into the village. This development should be opposed by all who live in and cherish our village. No more developments.

  3. beggars bush lane is extremley narrow and access is not suitable.. the a449 is extremley busy and also a dangerous stretch of road..more houses will cause a bottle neck and prove dangerous to the net road user..

  4. We are already known as the largest village in the country why build more houses when we cannot even afford to keep our roads in a fit state now what will they be like with more traffic going through our once beautiful village.
    Concentrate on our “ village” build on what we already have. Rumours are the Community Centre is being closed, the knock on effect will effect a lot of happening that go on in here firstly what will happen to the Wombourne Players, the Christmas bazaar and all the many other things that bring the community together. The teenagers what have they got to do in Wombourne NOTHING only hang around shop doors thinking up trouble, drinking and taking drugs for amusement.
    Instead of someone lining there pockets how about giving back a little to this ONCE lovely little village

  5. NIGEL TONKS has said it all he is absolutely right
    Its ridiculous building more houses this village is so congested
    It’s a nightmare

  6. Just to comment on the proposed housing project in Beggars Bush Lane have our councilers got their heads buried in the SAND and not listening to all the to all that has been said with regards to our once proud Village . Wait till it comes to the Election then see how they should have listened!

  7. what will happen to the exit out off beggars bush lane onto the 449 it is only turn left at the moment because people have been killed in the past turning right it took a petition to get it turn left only will they change it again or what other nightmare.

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