More Houses Being Built in Wombourne

More Houses Being Built in Wombourne

There have been plans now for a while for more houses to built in Wombourne. When and where is uncertain, but the Council have just released more information to show the progress.

As you may know, South Staffordshire Council carried out 3 separate consultations for their Site Allocations document (SAD) between March and November 2014. Including main sites, additional sites and Gypsy and Traveller sites.

You can still read all of the documents on this page: https://www.sstaffs.gov.uk/planning/site-allocations.cfm

Update for 2017

The latest is that the Council are now working towards the next stage of public consultation. The target for this is January 2017. This will be the PUBLICATION PLAN stage It represents the final plan that they will be sending to the Secretary of State later in 2017.

Get Involved!!

New houses being built in Wombourne is a big change. So as always, we would encourage you to get involved in all of these processes. Once the decisions have been made, it’s too late.

This page tells you exactly how you do that including timescales: https://www.sstaffs.gov.uk/planning/site-allocations.cfm

Not Just Wombourne

The main focus for growth is the nine main villages of Bilbrook, Brewood, Cheslyn Hay, Codsall, Great Wyrley, Kinver, Penkridge, Perton, and Wombourne.

The local villages of Coven, Essington, Featherstone, Huntington, Pattingham, Swindon and Wheaton Aston are also identified for more limited growth.

Useful Contacts

The Local Plans Team
Telephone: (01902) 696000
Email: localplans@sstaffs.gov.uk

Planning and Strategic Services
South Staffordshire Council Council Offices
Wolverhampton Road
South Staffordshire




6 Responses to More Houses Being Built in Wombourne

  1. We need more starter houses for our children.most of the houses been built are to expensive. So many who have been born here have to buy outside of wombourne .so please build lots of starter homes like on Poolehouse.otherwise we are not going to have any young buyers here.

  2. This sounds great I’ve lived in wombourne all my life and would love to buy a house here only problem is there’s never any starter homes only expensive houses. Others may say no more houses but I’m afraid people have to get with the times us younger generations Should be able to live here too.

  3. I’ve grown up in and around Wombourne and I am close to buying my own house. I’d love to do so in or near Wombourne. But most people can’t afford the housing! Build starter homes. Not the £200,000 plus ones either, that’s not a starter! Between 80-160,000 is a starter home and it means young buyers can actually afford it.

  4. I’ve lived in Wombourne all my life and have worked hard to save a good deposit. But the ridiculous prices of the homes here mean I’m struggling to be able to afford a home in the place I grew up and the place I run my business from! Sick of hearing people moaning that they dont want any more homes built in Wombourne. It’s ok for them they already have their house! What about giving the rest of us a chance!? You’d rather have outsiders buying up the houses than the people who were actually born and raised here? The people who make the area what it is?! £200k for a new starter home is beyond ridiculous. Unless you’re buying as a couple or are on a £40k+ salary no mortgage lender is going to let you borrow that amount. And most of us weren’t born worth a silver spoon in our mouths or rich parents who can hand us thousands to help with a deposit. It’s great they’re building, I just hope they give us the opportunity financially, to buy them.

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