Wolverhampton Wado Kai karate are about to open a new evening club at Ounsdale High School in Wombourne. It is aimed at younger groups but children of all ages from beginners to those with karate experience are welcome.

The training will take place with Mr. Sakagami, the president of Wado Kai karate for England, and a 7th dan. The club is directly associated with Wado Kai Japan.

The nature of the training will be completely friendly. Our techniques consist mostly of self-defence and are in no way aggressive. All partner work is none or very light contact.

During their training, the children will learn a range of qualities and aspects not always covered within schools – for instance, how to do thorough warm ups related to any kind of sport or training, partner and team work skills, fitness as well as flexibility and coordination, respect and very light discipline around adults and other children, confidence in themselves, self-defence (however it is enforced that the martial art is NOT used outside of training) and a developed interest in an unusual sport not covered elsewhere. The club is also excellent for creating confidence in approaching people and forming new friendships.

Mr. Sakagami and any guest instructors are CRB checked and any information is available upon request.

The training takes place in the Drama Studio and Ounsdale High School (accessible by the Leisure Centre reception), on Thursdays 7pm-8pm and costs £4 for under 16’s, and £5 for over 16’s.