Train for your heart with the heart in mind!

A brand new Mixed Martial Arts centre has just opened at the Wombourne Wellness Centre, Heath Mill Road. It is a charity based fitness centre with two goals in mind.

The first is offering a specialist centre to train, get fit and develop a skill within sport / martial arts in addition to raising money for the Jet Singh Trust.

The Jet Singh Trust was created in 2016 to inspire and encourage people in coming together to improve their physical, mental and social health as well as to fundraise for great causes. The trust was formed by a group of family and friends who came together to honour the memory of Jatinder (Jet) Singh Chatha (1983 – 2016). Jet was a Wolverhampton based wrestler and fitness trainer who was passionate about promoting good health.

We organise fun events and challenges every month for people to gather together and engage in a socially purposeful way. Some of our events revolve around health and fitness and other events are community based activities.

To date we have raised £105, 888. 100% of the monies raised goes to good causes!

For more information or to get involved please call 01902 898256 or visit

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