New Opportunity for Teachers in Wombourne?

New Opportunity for Teachers in Wombourne?

We always celebrate new business and ventures in Wombourne. The latest is Wolf Education.

Wolf Education is a recruiter for permanent and temporary teachers. It is run by former teachers and school leaders who understand the importance of delivering quality to children in the classroom. Their extensive recruitment process means only high quality individuals are deployed to schools and academies.

The business also provides a supporting environment for educational professionals who are looking to move establishments. They are fully aware of the time it takes in completing application forms and writing covering letters for it to result in no feedback or offer of an interview. Wolf Education work closely with schools on their recruitment process and only place candidates when it is suitable.

One of the main business aims of Wolf Education is to provide consultancy and conferencing services at an affordable cost. Keep a close eye on our website for forthcoming training opportunities

www.wolfeducation.co.uk or call 01902 544329

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