Could there be a new Supermarket in Wombourne?

There has been speculation over the past week that Lidl are intersted in acquiring potential sites in Wombourne to build a new store.

Having done a little research, nothing can be found immediately connecting Lidl with any local Wombourne sites however Wombourne is on the list of towns that Aldi would be interested in acquiring land

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It does seem that these are really proving valuable competition to the big players in the food market and it would not be suprising to see something popping up in our village soon. Personally, making good use of the wasted space opposite the Round Oak would look so much better that it being left.

I just hope that the residents of Wombourne continue to work hard to ensure that our village remains small, friendly and focused on the local people.

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  1. The news about Aldi being interested in Wombourne has me pulled in different directions. (1) We don’t need another supermarket. (2) We are really a town. (3) We are no longer a small village, although I hope we are friendly and focused on people. (4) We {England} need to provide new housing urgently – so build the houses opposite the Round Oak. (5) when the Aldi is built, can it be in keeping with local buildings and not another shed?

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