Last week we posted the 2013 Ofstead report on the Wombourne Online Facebook Group.

The response was quite interesting from many different people involved at Ounsdale or have attended in the past.


It’s now been taken down due to a further update that states Ounsdale are working hard to improve.

Here’s some highlights:

“There have been notable improvements in teachers’ marking.”

“Pupils were engaged in the lessons seen and teachers are using a wide range of activities to actively involve pupils in their learning.”

“The leaders responsible for improving teaching have an astute awareness of the issues that need to be addressed.”

So it seems that there are considerable efforts and improvements, which is a great sign for education in Wombourne.

For the full report, click here.

Also, we want to support Ounsdale. So they will be keeping us up to date with news, features and achievements over the coming months.