It’s back to schooltime very soon for young people in Wombourne. Here’s some useful information if you’re attending Ounsdale next term.

The following is from the Ounsdale website:

Please make sure that your child arrives at school on the first day of term in the correct uniform and with the right equipment. Full details of what is expected are included in the Uniform and Equipment Guide 2015.

Uniform and equipment are part of the school’s expectations and parents need to be aware that we will send home any child who arrives in school incorrectly dressed in September to either change or purchase the correct uniform.     

We have also included additional guidance on what the correct standards for particular uniform items are such as skirts, trousers and shoes which we also urge parents to review.ounsdale-Uniform-right-and-wrong


“Thank you in anticipation of your support with preparing your child for a positive and successful start to the new academic year.”

Christine Brown – Principal of Ounsdale