Rare bird makes Wombourne its home

Rare bird makes Wombourne its home

Wombourne bird-watcher Graham Causer has been watching a rare visitor to the UK, here in Wombourne.

Seen several times by Graham along the Wombrook, a White Egret or Albino Heron has been using the village brook as its home.

Bird spent Christmas & New Year in Wombourne

Graham, who has lived in Wombourne since 1963 said that he has been monitoring the bird now for ‘about a month’. He took the pictures on Wednesday 9th January.

According to the RSPB website there are usually only 35 Egret’s seen in the UK each winter. Ours does seem to fit the description but Graham is anxious to establish whether other ‘twitchers’ in the Village can provide a positive identification.

Twitchers – can you help?

Get in touch using the comments box below and let us know what type of bird you think it could be?

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