I’ve been meeting a lot of people that have lost a lot of weight recently, and actually kept it off. The most impressive has been my brother who was over 21 stone six months ago and now he’s leaner, healthier and more alert than i’ve ever known him.

So I thought i’d ask Margot from Slimming World Wombourne to tell us more about it in her words:

I joined Slimming World as a member after I saw myself on a photograph taken at my Daughters Baptism. This along with my Brother announcing he was to get married spurred me into action.

I joined my local Slimming World group and set a target to lose 2 stone before my Brothers wedding. While attending the local Slimming World group I realised what a wonderful job my Slimming World Consultant had, helping the members lose weight and become healthier and also a job that would fit in really well with my existing one at RAC and my young family. So 8 years ago I took the plunge and trained as a Slimming World Consultant. By the time by brother got married I had more than achieved my target of losing 2 stone, plus I’d got myself a new career and with the earnings from this I had my eye’s lasered so I no longer had to wear glasses either, my life had changed a lot in just over 12 months.

During the last 8 years I’ve had another child and I was made redundant from RAC. I took this redundancy as an opportunity and decided to make Slimming World my only job, working from home and around the school day/holidays.

I’ve been running the 2 Slimming World groups in Wombourne for around 6 years. I started my Tuesday evening group and then quickly opened up the Wednesday morning session. The groups have grown over this time, with constant successes as members get to their own personal weight loss targets.

Since January this year, the now average 130 members, have lost over 1,700lbs!! That’s more than 121 stone! While seeing members lose weight is rewarding so is hearing that they are finding that cholesterol counts and blood pressures are coming down, that they are becoming more active, more of them walking and swimming and going to Zumba too.

I’ve also now decided to make more changes for myself and have taken yet another role on with Slimming World. I have only just finished my training to become a Slimming World Team Developer, looking after a team of Consultants who are working in Penn and surrounding areas. The great thing about this role is that I still remain a Consultant myself, still looking after all the wonderful members in my Wombourne Groups, but now both my children are at school I get to further my career once more.

Slimming World is the largest independent weight loss organisation in the UK and if anyone else who is or has been a Slimming World member would like to find out more about a career with Slimming World then they can either contact myself or go to www.slimmingworld.com for more details.

Margot Cox
Consultant & Team Developer for Slimming World

If this has inspired you to check out a group, you can visit one of the following:

Wombourne Slimming World Groups:
Tuesday 5pm & 7pm The Venerable Bede
Wednesday 9.30am St. Bernadette’s R.C. Church Hall