South Staffordshire Breast Screening Service, invites all ladies from each GP practice every 3 years, who are aged 50-70 years old. Ladies over the age of 70 are actively encouraged to self refer for an appointment by contacting us on 01543 576235.

Breast screening is extremely important, as the main aim is to diagnose cancers before a lady may have any signs or symptoms. 1 in 8 ladies will be diagnosed at some stage in their lifetime with early diagnosis resulting in a better prognosis for patients.


During the mammogram, ladies should only feel mild discomfort  from the compression for a few seconds, with it being likened to having your blood pressure taken. This compression is extremely important as it enables the Imaging staff to get a really good clear look within the breast tissue.

Ladies usually receive their results in 2-3 weeks.

If you would like more information about your local screening service and which GP practice is being currently invited, then follow us on Facebook at ‘South Staffordshire Breast Screening Service’.