A month after the new year it can be hard to stay motivated on a weight loss journey.
Wombourne slimming expert, Claire Beaumont of Slimming World explains how to stay on track.

Why do you want to lose weight?

To keep motivated…you need a direct reason why losing weight is important to you. And it needs to be important!

So for a wedding or holiday? Keeping that in mind week in, week out is key…so make it visual. This could be a photograph of your holiday destination as the home screen on your phone. How about hanging up the dress you’ll wear to that party that you WILL fit into;  seeing it every day reminds us what we want, and keeps us focused.

Support when you need it

Support is another key aspect of your journey.  Losing weight, oining a gym or running with a friend will always be more beneficial than going it alone…someone has your back!
Seeing results each week is also important and to do this you got to give it 100%. When you cognitivly make the connection between the effort put in and result there is a certain satisfaction that YOU DID THAT! That in itself pushes you to repeat that the next week..to get that feeling again!

More tips to get you healthier

Claire will be giving us more hints and tips here at Wombourne Online, but if the time has come for you to lose weight you can pop along to one of Claire’s friendly Slimming World groups.

The groups run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at various times, so there is bound to be one for you. For more information call Claire on 07942 989989 or see more at www.SlimmingWorld.co.uk


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