Staffordshire Police have advised us that there are currently problems with push bikes being stolen.

Lots of children (and plenty of adults) in the Village will have received shiny new bikes as Christmas presents.

Get a bike lock

Of course, thieves also know there are lots of new bikes around. PCSO Ben Harrison at Staffordshire Police says; “…we are still having pushbikes stolen. So please if you have or know anyone who has been bought a bike for Christmas to make sure they purchase a good bike lock, and lock it up.”

And while you are in the bike shop (why not go to Fishface Cycles in Carriers Fold?) buy yourself some lights. There are lots of people rising around the village with no lights and to make matters worse many are in dark clothing. You can’t complain if you get knocked off your bike because you could not be seen, and spare a thought for the motorist who has to live with the consequences of any incident.

You can report bike crime to Staffordshire Police by dialling 101.

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