Velo bike ride coming through Wombourne

Velo bike ride coming through Wombourne

On Sunday the 24th September the huge Velo Birmingham ride will be coming through Wombourne.

15,000 cyclists will line up to start the 100 mile route on completely closed roads, going through Worcestershire and Staffordshire countryside before returning to Birmingham. Many will be raising money for some fantastic charities.

Check the map below to see where they’ll be passing through Wombourne. (Click on it for a larger view).

Here’s the exact route as they pass through Wombourne:

In terms of road closure and being able to drive around. It’s mainly going to affect Poolhouse Road and Ounsdale Road estates as they enter into Wombourne. Then they be cycling down Station Road, Bull Meadow Land and Orton Lane.

Make sure you plan ahead if you need to be anywhere that day and you’re blocked in.

We have asked Velo for more information on the exact times etc and we’ll keep you informed.


Here’s the timings from the start of the race on when the roads will be closed in Wombourne.



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  1. I downloaded the Velo map with time keys on it. From Swindon through to Stourton, Wombourne, Siesdon and Six Ashes the roads look closed from around 7am until 4.30pm.

  2. We have a lunch party arranged at The Bell at Trysull on 24 sept, the only Road we need to cross is Ounsdale Road at the junction of Giggetty Lane and Bratch Lane

      • They may be able to sort something with the access from Lindale Drive, but don’t forget it’s only the road that’s closed, the pavements will still be open!

        • The roads will be closed completely except for emergency services. Any vehicles parked in the closed sections “WILL BE REMOVED!” (Velo Birmingham information.) Poolhouse estate will effectively be cut off as there will be no way in or out with a vehicle for anyone living there. This will create problems for carers needing to get onto and off the estate. Parish and District Councillors have not been consulted on this and the only information residents seem to have received so far has been in the form of an information letter inserted into a Farm Foods flyer which most people probably bin without even opening! To use a famous song line: “There will be trouble ahead!” Contact philip.atkins@staffordshire.gov.uk and m.davies@sstaffs.gov.uk

  3. I’m seriously not happy about this. I won’t be able to get to work on that day and the fact it states ‘thankyou for your cooperation’ when there was no cooperation! We were not asked about this when it’s going to affect a lot of people directly. I’m suggesting everyone who lives on pool house to park their cars straight down the middle of the pool house road, and everyone who lives on strathmore crescent to do the same on Orton lane. I understand it’s for a good cause and I support that entirely, however there is a way you go about this kind of thing and cutting off thousands of people without asking their opinion is not it.

    • I’m in the same situation on Station Road. Something needs to be done about this.
      I bet 90% of residents don’t even know this is happening.

    • Not for a good cause. Only if the rider wants to do it for a charity. All you have to do is pay the entrance fee. We can’t get out and live near Great Witley. Worcester is up in arms as well. Bromyard managed to get it cancelled and you ended up with their route.

  4. Really not on!!! No consultation whatsoever, Poolhouse is a massive estate , bet a lot of people don’t know.!!! Shocking, how are we supposed to go about our Sunday with no access. We have family coming for a birthday lunch from a way off, how are they meant to get here???? Very very cross.

  5. I’m sorry but there’s no way they should have the authority to be able to completely close roads like this!
    Even when works are carried out and roads are closed they HAVE to allow people access in and out of properties so surely they cannot stop people completely?

  6. I have emailed the organisers about the horse livery yard on orton lane and asked how we are supposed to get to our horses as we do every morning but certainly not before 6.30am on a Sunday morning! Before anybody says walk, we will if that’s all we can do but do they understand that we use our cars to carry heavy equipment, tack, feed, bedding etc to be able to care for our horses properly? Not to mention if a vet is needed in an emergency? I have yet to receive an email back to my second one to them but I will be contacting south staffs council and the above councilors to see exactly what can be done.

  7. So will they reimburse me ¬£15 for the swimming lesson my son will miss in Brierley Hill (yes I know I’m paying a silly amount for swimming but it is Waterbabies). I can’t afford to not attend. The alleged notice inside a marketing flyer is not sufficient notice.

  8. I am not a resident but have horses stabled within the ring around Wombourne/Trysull/Seisdon. Based on this information I will have to camp overnight it seems and hope to god my horses do not need a vet that day. The response from the council is typical whitewash. Those of us who live, work or visit South Staffordshire on a daily basis don’t want it ‘showcased’. We like it quiet!!! I too have received no reply to my emails to Velo Birmingham. They simply don’t care. I wonder if I planned a horse event with 15000 horses taking to the road and closing them if it would be allowed to go ahead – very probably not!!

  9. A race should not cause this much disruption to people. They are using our roads and have not given us any consideration at all! My Grandson belongs to a local football team and has a match to get to that Sunday. Disgusting

  10. It would be nice if we had been consulted about the route as our road caters mainly for the elderly or disabled . Many who rely on nurses or carers both these jobs are hard enough without a bike ride on the doorstep.

  11. I live on Ounsdale Road and only found out the road was going to be closed through Wombourne Online. There are many others including elderly residents who live on my road who may not be aware of the road closure unless they have stumbled on the information by accident like I did. I certainly haven’t received any notification through my letter box! I did notice that 2 Red cones and a “Road Closed” barrier had been leaned up against my wall last week though! We have my Son’s football match to get to for 11.00 am on Sunday and now wondering where we are going to park our car in the village. It’s going to be an absolute nightmare on Sunday!

    • Absolute disgrace. Tried to get off pool house estate at 12.30, when it was suppose to have cleared. Still going on. Had sarcastic stroppy attitude from one of the stewards when trying to get through the havoc. No consideration or courtesy to residents. Shocking!.

  12. its not just locals and residents who are affected, my wife is trying to get home after a weekend away and has found to her horror that all the routes back are closed!

    we knew nothing of this “event” are are totally disgusted that it has been allowed to disrupt our lives so completely.

    I hope the voters remember who allowed this at election time….

  13. Thank you very much to all of you who DID welcome us and cheered us on as we cycled through. We had great support in towns and villages and in the countryside all along the route, with children and adults clapping and calling out fantastic words of encouragement. Locals knew where the toughest hills were and knew where we’d need the most cheers!
    I must admit I don’t understand some of the negative comments above – “make cyclists pay vehicle tax” (If a person owns a bicycle and a car, then they DO pay vehicle tax. Should pedestrians pay pedestrian tax to use the pavements? Should horse riders pay horse tax? Would Wombourne families want to pay vehicle tax for each of their bicycles? Of course not.); “we knew nothing of this event” (It looks like Wombourne Online kept you very well informed.); “how can I get to Waterbabies / the football pitch when I can’t drive” (You can walk.); “my son will miss his swimming lesson” (Maybe, just for once, watching a once-a-year cycle race would be more exciting than going swimming, and inspire him to do a sporting challenge one day.); I need to transport feed for my horses” (How about transporting the feed the day before the cycle event?)
    I don’t doubt that some people faced genuine disruption, for which I am genuinely sorry, but most of the reasons above would have been very easily resolvable with a tiny amount of flexibility. Some people just seem to be addicted to using their cars. I mean, there’s a comment above about not being able to drive from Ounsdale Road to the village centre. Isn’t that just a a 10-minute walk?

    • We thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought a load of people out into the village and having fun. Well done for taking part.

      We also understand (some of) the frustrations. But hopefully next year there can be a bit more planning ahead as we all know what to expect now.

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