When Bombs Fell on Wombourne

When Bombs Fell on Wombourne

Did you know Wombourne was hit by a bomb in WWII ?

As police deal with a suspected unexploded WWI bomb by the canal side at Bratch Locks. Roads in the area are closed.

Bomb caused extensive damage

Falling in the garden of Walk House in Walk Lane in 1941, the bomb is believed to have been dropped from a German bomber returning home from a raid. It may have needed to offload weight in order to return home.

Damage can still be seen

Some of the houses in Walk Lane still show the effects of the bomb.

The picture below shows Walk House after the bomb had dropped, looking up from the brook towards Walk Lane and Planks Lane.


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  1. There was also a house bombed on the corner opposite side of the road to the fish and chip shop corner of Planks Lane and Windmill Bank. The position would be a little lower down the hill from the current youth an community centre. If you have any photos I would be most interested to see them. The bombed building was still partially standing in 1959 as far as I remember.

    • there was no bomb droped by fish shop it fell in brookat lower end I lived in planks lane then,john saunders 31 cornwall Tettenhall wv68xa

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