So you might be a couple of months into your New Year’s weight loss regime; or perhaps like most of us you are looking to start afresh.
Wombourne slimming expert, Claire Beaumont offers this invaluable advice for losing those extra pounds in March…

Why do you want to lose?

Too many convenience foods, a fantastic social life, alcohol, or just not understanding how foods can be used to help us; not all of us were brought up with a full comprehension of nutrition!
We can choose the easy option easily in society now; and rightfuly so…we want to enjoy our life and not be restricted. Unfortunately our health also is a large push button for most people undertaking a diet; to be told you are pre diabetic, or your blood pressure is too high or you cant’ have that operation because you need to lose some weight first.
Seeing yourself in an unflattering photo is a top reason though, especially with social media now…photos are everywhere!

What is a healthy weight loss?

A good average weight loss should be between 1 to 2lb a week, although many people can lose much more depending on their metabolic rate, current weight and amount of dietary changes they make.
On average you should consistently lose weight week after week as long as you keep putting in the same level of effort and attention to detail; the reason we stop losing weight is because we have changed something somewhere. Our bodies don’t have the ability to think, “oh that’ll do now” and to suddenly stop us losing weight; we choose that ourselves or we stop doing something that previously helped us.

More tips to get you healthier

Claire will be giving us more hints and tips here at Wombourne Online, but if the time has come for you to lose weight you can pop along to one of Claire’s friendly Slimming World groups.

The groups run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at various times, so there is bound to be one for you. For more information call Claire on 07942 989989 or see more at

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