There is a group of crazy wonderful people at Evolution Leisure that are getting ready to take on the ‘Tough Guy’ challenge next February.

Here is what Katie, Fitness Instructor at Evolution and one of the competitors had to say.

“Our Tough Guy training has been running for the past month, we are preparing for one of the toughest obstacle courses there is, the original mud run, The Tough Guy race in February. The course offers a host of hills, climbing obstacles, flaming hay bales, water jumps, ice cold water obstacles, and so much more that nobody in their right mind would want to do… But over 40 members and staff are training in order to raise a massive amount for Compton Hospice. We have chosen to support the charity this year as many of our members and staff felt it was an extremely worthy cause.”

Who will be the toughest?

Who will be the toughest?

We are training as a team every Wednesday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 3:30pm. As a team we are all working together to improve everyone’s individual fitness levels in order to complete the course. The commitment and dedication shown has been incredible and the atmosphere and comradery among members is fantastic to see. Our Boot Camps and Tabata sessions have also been a place to train for our Tough Guys as well as the gym.


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Just in case you couldn’t imagine a flaming hay-bale! Marshmallows anyone?

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All for a great cause! If you think you have what it takes to join them and make some money for charity, please visit

If your into a gentler pace of life you can always be a sponsor, or carry the wet wipes!!! We will be checking up on the progress over the next few weeks, and with Reece making the promise ‘You will be the fittest and slimmest you have ever been’ I’m tempted myself!