This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Community Council of Staffordshire’s Best Kept Village Competition. To celebrate, over 60 local villages are taking part in this years competition. Over those 60 years, the aim of the event has not changed. The competition has always been focused on residents having great pride in their local area and taking the very best care of the private and public spaces.

This year, as every year, judges will be looking at our benches, bus shelters, our telephone boxes and burial grounds, the surrounds of our pubs, clubs and other public buildings; and they will be checking for evidence of graffiti, littering and dog fouling. However, it’s not just about how pretty a village looks, or how regularly the grass is cut. It’s about how many of us are prepared to get stuck in. So we hope that you will feel inspired to join us.


If you are passionate about Wombourne please link to our other post about local graffitti, lets get it sorted! Click here for more information

Village Tidy-Ups

We hope that you will feel motivated to give up some of your time to work with us in order to get Wombourne looking its absolute best. We are planning to repeat the success of last year’s Village Tidy-Ups. Meet us on the Civic Centre car park at 6.30pm on these dates to spend an hour focusing each time on a different area of the village:

Remaining dates are:
• Thursday 11th June / Wednesday 17th June
• Wednesday 1st July