Wombourne Fashion Designer Get Famous Endorsement

Wombourne resident Richard Taylor and his company Marlborough World have been expanding the brand and have used by some of the stars on the popular TV show Made in Chelsea on E4. You can see pictures below of Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh with one of the satchels.

Marlborough have been making amazing goods from the highest quality leather since 1972. You can see the full range of Satchels that Richard has created here: http://www.marlboroughworld.com/product-category/satchels/

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Photo taken from http://millie-mackintosh.com/style-diary/

If you want to support a fellow Wombourner, leave a word of encouragement below, or maybe follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marlboroughworld


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  1. One for the Ladies
    Spencer Matthews has taken a like to Marlborough World today, so watch this space for pic’s of Spencer with a luxury Marlborough World bag.
    What other Celebrities do you think we should picture with our Marlborough World product range?
    mmm feels like this could be worth a competition looming, who wants to enter and what should the prize be, any suggestions guys??

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