As you obvioulsy know, this year we are hosting the Olympic Games.  In order to celebrate this epic countrywide event, Wombourne is going to be hosting its own ‘Olympic’ style games on the 13th and 14 July 2012.

It will be called..  ‘The Wombourne Games’.

The vision is to get the whole community involved in the sports, games and activities.  Whatever your age or ability.

It doesn’t matter if you think you are no good it really is the taking part that matters.  This may encourage you to get involved with a club or participate in a pastime that you had never thought you could do?

The Wombourne Games itself will cover traditional sports such as athletics, football, cricket and swimming.  There will also be other activities for the less well abled.  Also on offer will be table tennis, netball, pool, darts, fishing, bowling, and many other sports  There will also be other activities such as martial arts, fitness, Archery, American football, dance and the Arts.

All local schools will be involved and hopefully many businesses.  There will be a great timetable of events with opening and closing ceremonies and a performing stage culminating in a firework display.

We will raise money via fund raising events, sponsorship and grants so that we can improve these sporting facilities.

All money raised will be spent on Community Facilities.  It is very ambitious but with the help of everyone we can go a long way to achieving Our Vision of getting more people playing sport and leaving the community of Wombourne with truly great Sports facilities that can be used by everyone!

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