Although the Velo Bike Ride on Sunday 24th September 2017 will be an excellent event in the Village, there is much to be worked out in terms of road access.

Here’s an update regarding the Poohouse estate access:

“Managed Access will be provided to residents of the Pool House Road estate throughout the road closure period. A single cone line will be installed from the western exit from Millfields Way (closest to Bridgnorth Road B4176), along Pool House Road and onto the B4176 (southbound) towards Wombourne.

Cyclists will be kept to the left hand side as the turn off the B4176 onto Pool House Road, leaving a lane open to facilitate access from the estate to the B4176. Please note that the eastern Millfields Way exit onto Pool House Road will remain closed throughout the day, there will be no access right onto Pool House Road and north on the B4176.

Properties on or accessed directly from the route of the road closures requiring access in the hours of the closure are advised to relocate vehicles in areas not affected by the closure restrictions.”

Here’s a detailed map: