Keep car keys safe

Staffordshire Police have warned that thieves are breaking into houses, stealing keys to cars and then driving them away.

Four cars were taken from three addresses in Staffordshire between about 10pm Thursday 13 June and 6 am Friday 14 June. A VW Passat was stolen from a drive in Wombourne and keys to the vehicle were used to drive it away.

Wombourne wasn’t alone, a Range Rover was taken from Shareshill and two cars were stolen, a Mini and an Audi A4, from a house in Stone. In each case the keys to the vehicles were used..

Thieves are adapting to car security

DCI Rob Taylor from Staffordshire Police’s CID said: ” As car manufacturers have improved car security, thieves have had to adapt their methods. The easiest way of making off with a car is to drive it away, which is why offenders now break in to properties to steal the keys.

“In each of these cases, the keys were used to drive away the vehicles. That’s why we’re reminding owners not to leave their keys in obvious places. They should be kept out of sight and away from doorways and windows.”

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