‘If you want cake for breakfast, have it! I read this week. Apparently during these difficult times, diets should be put on furlough. That was a great comfort to me because after December 25th, I usually have Christmas cake for breakfast until it’s all gone. I’m assuming that we will still enjoy Christmas cake this Advent season although, as I write this, we are not sure what else?

Each of us have different constituent elements which, for us, make up Christmas. I wonder what yours are?

And how many of those different things do you have to lose before it’s no longer Christmas ….?   

For me, as a Christian, ‘Xmas’ is no longer Christmas. When Christ has been taken out of the season, it becomes just another holiday rather than the time when we celebrate the birth of God’s son in Bethlehem. I remember reading one comment on social media, ‘They’re even trying to bring religion into Christmas now!’ it said. I’m very happy to leave religion out of Christmas but not Christ- after all, it is his birthday. In fact, I wouldn’t want to leave Christ out of any season of life because He promises to bring –

Peace: that’s what the angels who sang at his birth said.

Joy: that’s what the shepherds who visited the stable were promised.

Love: love is what God is – “God is love”.

So, when I have Christ in my Christmas – and in every other season of life – I have peace, joy and love. And it’s divine peace, joy and love. That article I referred to earlier, which said, ‘If you want cake for breakfast, have it!’ also suggested making a fried egg sandwich dripping with HP sauce at 10pm if it brings you comfort during these difficult times. May I suggest you could also try putting Christ into your Christmas? He brings peace, joy and love and we all need those right now!

Pastor John Price, Kingsway Church.

Church Services in Wombourne 2020

Please check individual church websites as all services will need to be pre-booked to comply with Covid-19 regulations.

Common Road Methodist Church

Carol Service – 24th @ 6.30pm (online)        
Christmas Morning Service – 25th @ 10.30 (online)


Carol Service – 20th @ 4.30pm (online)
Christmas Day Praise – 25th @ 10.30am (online)

Both via website and You-tube under ‘Kingsway Church Wombourne’

St. Bernadette’s RC Church

4th Sunday of Advent Mass – 20th @ 9am
Christmas Day Mass – 25th @ 9am

St. Benedict Biscop C of E Church

Holy Communion – 20th @ 8am and 10.30am
Crib Service, Carol Service – 24th @ 4pm and 6pm (online)
Midnight Mass – 24th @ 11.30pm (online)
Christmas Day Communion – 25th @ 8am and 10.30am

United Reform Church

Carols of Praise – 20th @ 10.45am
Christmas Day – 25th @ 10.45am