In the Christmas story, everyone knows about Mary & Joseph & baby Jesus but whatever happened to baby Jesus’ grandparents? Christmas is when families usually come together, isn’t it? Usually three generations, sometimes even four, but no grandparents get mentioned in the first Christmas story? This little family must be one of the most famous in the world but there’s no grandad or grandma around! Why?   There is a special reason for this!

That first Christmas, God stepped from eternity into time.  Took on our flesh.

Came as a baby. That was Jesus, God’s Son. God arranged for Mary & Joseph to be present when Mary gave birth in Bethlehem but she was away from her family, away from grandparents.

That was because Christmas is all about a SON not a GRANDSON.

God’s SON … Mary’s SON … because God doesn’t recognise GRANDCHILDREN.

Please Note!

I didn’t say that He wasn’t interested in your grandchildren. I said that He doesn’t have any Himself. He only has CHILDREN …. sons and daughters. That’s the only relationship we can have with God. You can’t be an admirer or a seeker or an abstainer – only his child. Jesus taught us to pray, ‘Our Father in heaven … ‘ not ‘Our Grandfather in heaven …’.

Like any other family, we become members by birth or adoption. Jesus told Nicodemus ‘You must be born again’ into God’s family. The Apostle Paul talks about ‘our adoption as sons/daughters’ into God’s family – and it’s our choice.  

Let me close with those wonderful words from John 1:11, ‘He came to his own but his own did not receive him. But to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become CHILDREN of God’.

Christmas is all about a Son … not a grandson.

Just ONE generation.

Whether you are 5, 15, 50 or 75, you can only be a son or a daughter of God.

It has to be that close or nothing.

He wants sons + daughters, born again by His Spirit into his divine, eternal family.

GOD HAS NO GRANDCHILDREN but millions of children. Are you one?

Pastor John Price, Kingsway Church.

Church Services in Wombourne 2021

Common Road Methodist Church      

Carol Service                                       19th @ 10.30am

Christmas Morning Service              25th @ 10.30am


Journey to the Manger                       24th @ 4.30pm

Christmas Morning Praise                  25th @ 10.30am   

St. Bernadette’s RC Church          

Christmas Day Mass                           25th @ 9am

St. Benedict Biscop C of E Church     

Crib Service                                         24th @ 4pm & 5.30pm

Carols for Christmas Eve                  24th @ 7.30pm

Midnight Mass                                    24th @ 11.30pm           

Christmas Day Communion             25th @ 8am and 10.30am

United Reform Church      

Christmas Day                                     25th @ 10.45am