What Do You Think of the Sainsburys in Wombourne?

Looks like it wont be long until the new 25,000sq ft Sainsburys will be opening up on on Heath Mill Road industrial estate in Wombourne.

Jamie Cowen, Sainsbury’s head of property development, said: “The proposed store will improve the supermarket offer for the people of Wombourne and regenerate an area of derelict land.”

Where is the new Sainsbury’s in Wombourne?

The new Sainsburys will be on the Heath Mill Industrial Estate on the Bridgnorth Road.

What do you think?

What I would like to know, as people of Wombourne (which I assume you are if you’re on this site), how do you think it will affect the area?

Will it bring in the jobs they suggested?

Will it affect the shops in village?

Please leave your comments below.

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36 Responses to What Do You Think of the Sainsburys in Wombourne?

  1. Its going to be handy having a supermarket close by, but anyone can see that the businesses in the village will suffer as a result. We should all try to support the village traders.

    im also concerned that there will be traffic jams on the bridgenorth road in the morning, as people head for dudley, and get stuck at the new lights.

    Finally with a morrisons only 5 minutes up the road, they are going to have to be good value…especially as morrisons petrol is cheap and so another reason to go there.

  2. its a fab idea all those who say i wont shop there are full of crap they will use it as it will be closer for them and cheaper than the spar and the co_op

  3. I am looking forward to it. I work in Wombourne and I put a regular income into the village mainly the bakers and butchers which are fantastic. But as the comment above states I am sick of being ripped off by so called convenience mini marts. I will use Sainsburys but will continue to get my meat from Boxleys

  4. I think the new supermaret is a wonderful addition to Wombourne. For such a long time villagers have been reliant on smaller stores and were therefore limited on choice and price competitiveness. To get variation, one had to travel some distance to the major supermarkets, and I think the location of the new Sainsburys will benefit the village without destroying the actual village itself. All those who disagree, will no doubt eventually be drawn to shop there, and I know I myself will travel the short distance to become a patron of the store.

  5. I can’t believe there will not be a petrol station attached. I think I shall stay with my regular supermarket where I can buy my petrol at the same time.

  6. Hopefully it’ll mean lower prices for everyone. The local convenience stores have had it it good for a long time and it’s about time we didn’t have to pay upto double for every day items!

    I can recommend their cookies, mmmmmm…… fattening…..!

  7. It’s good news in one way, ie better choice less distance to travel but I worry about the village centre. Yes, the shops are dear, yes, parking is poor, but it is our village!

    One thing to be remembered, it is not only Wombourne people who will shop there! Some will come from Himley, Kingswinford and even as far away as possibly Gornal, Stourbridge and Dudley…so what will the traffic be like then?
    Will Wombourne be a “rabbit run” of people coming from Lower Penn and Penn? Will parking improve as people flock out of the village and will shops and the community suffer?
    So many questions, so few answers…only time will tell!

  8. I was under the impression that a community bus service was promised for Sainsbury shoppers. If so, when will this start running?

  9. Have been once so far to the new store, no one knew where the bicycle parking was (thought that was in the original plans) and the free bus around the village, where is the map of the route and what are the times it runs??? No info?

  10. fantastic about time, may make other business more competitive as most local business charge over the odds for groceries ie spar and corner shops. Welcome Sainsburys – good 4 jobs good 4 locals in terms of shopping

  11. Hipercrits are now using the store, its a bit pricey but so are other locla shops need petrol stn, like in morrisons bilston. Sainsburys aren’t silly free bus 1nce a week and free parking, good cust servc, etc.

  12. Not shopped there yet, but have noticed a significant increase in traffic along the Bridgenorth Road. It can be quite a wait now to turn out of Poolhouse Road towards Bobbington. Extra care is also needed at this junction with the increase in traffic as cars come over the brow of the hill from Sainsburys.

  13. i still think the spar is better the some stuff is cheaper if not the same,,, and you dont have to que up its much better all over

  14. Are you talking about the Spar in Wombourne Jeanette – you know the one with overpriced goods and where queues are an art form??? Sorry but Sainsburys beats the Spar/Co Op in all aspects. Its a great asset to the village and in my view the traffic lights on the Bridgnorth Road are a road safety plus. They act as a break so that turning out of the side roads is safer and I cannot say I have noticed any difference in traffic levels despite all the wailing of some villagers that traffic would choke the area.

  15. pleased to have a major store in wombourne, but wish it had been a tesco, as cannot afford to do a full family shop at sainsburys, but do keep popping in for bits and bobs. think it would do better with a petrol station, but then you would deffo see an increase in traffic.

  16. agree with jackie, wish it had been a tesco. have to still go to morrisons at k,ford as do get alot more for my money.corner shops are expensive and we have been ripped of for years,all we need now is another local petrol station,so we dont get ripped of by the one in the village.

  17. Loving the convenience of a Sainsbury’s in Wombourne, but not good for the wallet! Is it just me or do you find yourself “just popping in for some bread” and coming out with a trolley having spent £20 or more. The days of making do until the next shopping trip are long gone, I seem to be there most days and it all adds up to a much larger monthy shopping bill than my pre-Sainsbury days. Having said that it’s a real bonus to have a good selection of quality food that is so accessible and it’s great to see local people employed there; just need a petrol station now….

  18. Having the new sainsburys just down the Rd has been well worth the wait have never found any difference within traffic poblems on the bridgenorth Rd , maybe it is a bit more expensive than morrisons but by the time you have spent in time & petrol getting there you make up .A lot easier to park than morrisons and also up the village , it will not stop me from using the village , when you can park !
    shame it did’nt have a petrol station .

  19. having read all the comments above, several refer to the convenience stores and corner shops in the village as being too dear to shop in. well i’d like to know if they have been in our “corner” shop as i can assure them we are very competetive and don’t for one second find we are expensive. come and pay us a visit, you will be surprised by our prices, quality and personal friendly service. by we i am refering to TAYLORS on the community centre car park. we look forward to seeing you soon.

  20. I have my main shop delivered but having a supermarket so close (I live nearby) means I don’t have to get the car out when I need to top up for everyday items. Before I would go to the village spend 1/2 hr finding somewhere to park then 20 mins queueing in spar, in fact I had started going outside the village as it was quicker. The traffic is no worse on the Bridgnorth Road in fact with the traffic lights slowing traffic down its probably safer. Some while back there was an article in the paper saying wombourne was like a ghost town since the new sainsburys, well all these ghosts have cars because its no easier to park when I want to visit the library or the shops I still frequent.

  21. all good sainsburies have a an on site roatery cooked chicken counter. Does Sainsbury plan to include one of theses, also where is the pertol station?

  22. Expensive but convenient.
    Killing local trade, esp with a free bus.
    However if local shops were more competivley priced…!
    I note Debra’s comment above, but the offers supermarkets have attract customers who then go on to spend money on ‘overpriced’ goods whilst in store.

  23. Look there am 2 many hippocrits loads of you said we arn’t goin’ there but yam goin’ now ain’t ya. The oldens get free bus and lazy young’ens are too stupid 2 care.
    Butchers Bakers etc are struggling help ’em out be loyal support our village. Otherwise may as well live in wolves or dudley, what ya gonna do?

  24. I shop there most days,as i STILL find it cheaper going there,then co op or spar !! The parking is great,also i don’t have to try and find somewhere to park for a cash machine !!! As for the traffic i haven’t found it to be any busier than before ???
    A very happy shooper,hopefully soon we’ll have a petrol station too

  25. Really interesting comments. We have created a website for all the independent businesses and services in the village of Wombourne. Believe it or not the big supermarkets wish to support local small traders – without these great little shops the village of Wombourne would not exist. Let’s support our local independents more. Join together and use the increased footfall coming to Sainsbury’s from further away. Please visit http://www.allthelittleshops.co.uk/wombourne and ask your local retaiailers to put more products online with more incentive vouchers – everyone can benefit!

  26. I agree with a lot of the comments on here, however I must point out that one thing you cannot get at Sainsbury’s is a lovely, fresh HOT PORK SANDWICH like those available at Haroli’s Pantry (used to be three cooks) on Windmill Bank, in between Spar and Boxley’s, they are fantastic and the muffins, eccles cakes, sausage rolls and pasties are absolutely gorgeous, some of the best if not the best I have tasted. This shop alone makes the village centre worth a visit !!!

  27. about time we had a supermarket i have no sympathy for the village shops as they have been riping us off for years for people who dont like the supermarket blame the council
    they keep allowing houses to be built and increasing the population hence they have destroyed the village i grew up in

  28. Very disappointed! Expensive, Queues, not go everything you want! stay local. visit your local shops. New co-op has a much better selection than before. Shame to see somany local businesses closing down since Christmas – Sainsburys now taking its toll. Got to say that Taylors grocers, Windmill Bakery and the Boxleys Meats might be the only to independant food businesses left in the village in a few months – whos next to disappear from our village. Support your local shops – i dont go to Sainsburys anymore local or further a field!

  29. I like the store, it’s close to me so l can even walk there, but l agree about the queues, the most annoying fact being that to force people to use the self service they closed the basket till.So now, there is often queues at the self service as well. So annoying if you only have a few items and are in a rush. l really feel that shopping is about making choices, not taking them away to `force` customers into doing things Sainsburys way. l know they have lost lots of customers because of this.

  30. Sad, local shops closing and we are paying extortionate prices at Sainsburys, and no petrol station. Boycott Sainsburys Wombourne – is my opinion.

  31. Have been to Sainsburys today Steff is right, no one will dicate me having to use the self service, youi have lost my custom Mr Sainsbury. Plenty of shops that actually want to serve me and treat me like a valued customer, uncertain finacial times so sainsburys be awrned many retailers to chose from morrisons Bilston, Tescos Dudley, loads in W’ton City centre. Customer ought to be King

  32. I find Sainsburys to be just what I need for the majority of my shopping and then I use the local shops that are a little nearer and more convenient for the odds and ends and extras during the week.
    If I didn’t use Sainsburys in Wombourne I would be using another supermarket further away which would use more petrol. In addition, other supermarkets are larger and would probably have everything that I need so I wouldn’t need the local shops at all then. Therefore I am using a ‘local’ supermarket, local shops and less fuel. Local people are getting jobs and Sainsburys must contribute to the local economy and also the community. Doesn’t everybody win here?

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